Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

The Treasure Choice Group offers its services in this field as a financial intermediary or financing agent, acting on behalf of some international financial and development institutions, to implement projects in various sectors in all countries in general and African countries in particular. The Treasure Choice Group pays special attention to the African continent, as it is the first destination to implement the first step of its investment plan.

Hence, the Treasure Choice Group affirms its full readiness to assume the management and provision of the salaries of employees of some African governments that suffer from permanent deficits in their annual budgets due to the mismanagement of natural resources. We are fully prepared to present our integrated plan, which contains the most recent mechanisms through which these problems are easily solved. Only the required is the will and the serious sovereign decision.

Electronic Funds

Electronic funds have become representing the predominant proportion of our daily transactions whether in traditional or modern technology business sectors, or in traditional or modern bank transfers transactions that done through PCs, mobile smartphones, or electronic payments transactions in cases of buying and selling through electronic cards or mobile smartphones in some countries or even through digital currencies - in some cases. This is a significant indicator of the role and importance of electronic funds and digital currencies in the future of the global economy, therefore the Treasure Choice Group realized early such importance, and began to build an investment ground for electronic funds transactions, as well as digital currencies, both of which need their own asset that enable the Treasure Choice Group keeps up with the developments in this field to play a leading role that ensures its survival as an important and effective figure in the future of the modern global economy.

Accordingly, the Treasure Choice Group is working on the establishment of an independent commercial bank called (Treasure Bank), which will be the basis of the modern financial mechanisms of the Treasure Choice Group, including its digital currency (TreasureCoin), as well as a basis of all the Group's activities in other sectors in the event of absence of a local bank as a partner to assist in providing the basic mechanisms of work in the country concerned to implement the projects required from us.